This website is devoted to all that is great about the Hawaiian Islands, as "discovered" in 1778 by Captain James Cook and named the "Sandwich Islands" (after his sponsor, the 4th Earl of Sandwich).

This website is different from most tourist websites, just like the name Sandwich Islands is alternative for Hawaii. It contains masses of information that people find useful in preparing for travel to Hawaii. Like Captain Cook, we have our sponsors too and we hope you will visit their websites to find out more.

Here, under each color-coded or drop-down menu above, you'll find information about each island's: favorite, highlights, scenery, activities, attractions, parks, beaches, accommodations, restaurants, shopping, transportation, and maps. You can also find useful background on all of the Hawaiian Islands in combination, including webcams, basic facts, arrival, weather, climate, language, culture, history, geology, biology, economy, and more maps.

The map below shows the scaled arrangement and distances between the islands, along with their major cities and airports. Written next to each island are five of our favorite reasons to visit it and the one uniquely special highlight of each island (in capital letters). These should tweak your interest and help you to start planning your vacation.

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